Current Projects

This is the page where I will be linking to my current projects. Check back for updates. I am currently working on predictive modeling techniques for mineral exploration, creating web applications and custom plugins for QGIS with Python, and pursuing several common IT industry certifications.

I am also experimenting with web-based mapping applications. As a very simple example, below is a map of every well I have drilled in the United States since 2009 (black pump icons). Some of the icons represent pads where 2,3, or 4 wells were drilled from the same surface location.

Map of my drilled wells (current 1/23/2015)

Interactive mapping application

I have also created a simple, interactive mapping application using the Google Maps API. Visitors can click on the map, add markers and text, and view markers placed by others. It uses PHP and AJAX, and requires a database such as mySQL. Feel free to download it, customize it, and use it for your own site. The documentation included is somewhat limited, but I will be improving it soon.