Maroon and Gold

Predictive modeling for gold in Minnesota

I recently completed my MS in GIS through the University of Southern California. My thesis research focused on a type of predictive modeling with GIS, to generate new gold exploration targets in the Archean-age rocks underlying the northern half of the state. I'll post a link to the full thesis document here, when it is published at USC.

Some details of the project can be found here, in the 'Projects' section of this website. Also available there is a download of the model results, as a three-class raster of relative gold prospectivity, in both esri GRID and KML format.

Because a lot of the data used was either first published or significantly improved in the last three to eight years, this project is likely the first to use them in a predictive model, and offers a fresh perspective on gold prospectivity in Minnesota. At the end of the day, the results speak for themselves, and reinforce the idea that Minnesota has the potential to become the region's newest gold producer.

Let's get out there and make a discovery!